Quality and environment

we care for our products.

Softech believes in the following values:


  • Contained and controlled use of environmental resources.

  • Product innovation inspired by sustainability principles.

In 2000, Softech obtained ISO 9001 Certification, the reference international standard for Quality management. Through this process, Softech accomplished the aims of increasing the efficiency & effectiveness of internal processes, while at the same time ensuring continual improvement of business operations, to pursuit customer satisfaction and enhance the quality of our products and services.

ISO 9001 Certification is renewed on a yearly basis to cover the analysis of objectives and processes, improve cost-effectiveness and waste minimisation.

In later years, we have also obtained ISO 14000 Certification, a voluntary regulation scheme able to improve the environmental impact of our activities. We have chosen to walk on the path of sustainable development and take a responsible approach to protecting the environment. We strive to reduce the use of natural resources and enhance our “environmental performance”.


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