training: a commitment to achieve objectives.

We strongly believe in training, whether it’s for our staff, our customers or for acoustic, airport and motorway engineers. We develop specialized courses on our products and all related subjects, both in-house and on our customer sites, providing specific activities for the resources allocated to maintenance and to data processing and management. We always provide training at installation and for each major release of our products.

We organize Web seminars and conference calls to address specific demands from our international customers. Our experience with new technologies and software development allows us to perform upgrades on specific open platforms. Softech courses are led by certified specialists, who have acquired an excellent knowledge of their field through the consulting projects developed for diverse customers.

Our course portfolio includes:

  • INM/AEDT training within the SARA system

  • INM/AEDT forecast modelling

  • Noise Office

  • Programming in Angular 2

  • MVC and .NET programming


Phone: +39 0331 2682.1