automation and supervision.

ADAM (Application for Data Acquisition and Monitoring) is a sophisticated and flexible software package, built on modular client/server architecture for the automation, supervision and infrastructural control of diverse environments, varying in size, characteristics and economic sectors.

A highly customisable standalone system, ADAM is able to handle complex structures, with single or multiple stations, on both local networks and geographic networks. Its modular architecture integrates basic functions with in-house modules and third-party applications, to create and deploy a wide range of apps, not necessarily related to industrial supervision and process control.

ADAM allows to create applications in the following areas:

  • fire prevention and control
  • water supply system monitoring
  • wastewater treatment plants
  • parking guidance systems
  • traffic control and monitoring
  • weather station monitoring
  • access control
  • OH&S/EH&S and fire prevention schemes

Main features

  • Real-time views of the infrastructure status, using lookup pages connected to hierarchical relationships
  • Fully configurable graphs, compatible with advanced graphical objects and third party ActiveX products.
  • Alarm and event handling using recognition data and providing print and historical recording features
  • Handling of digital and analog measurements collected on-site, with customizable historical recording (fixed and variable interval sampling)
  • Event and measurement search functions providing printable output, in table and graph form
  • Historical data export in various formats
  • Timed program management, allowing full control on procedure scheduling and on issuing commands on-site
  • Graphical objects are available to handle video imaging from CCTVs and allow real-time recording on mass storage devices
  • Operator management using password protection and optional system customization
  • Custom alarm handling

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