Other products

automation and telecontrol.

Besides its dedicated suites, Softech has developed a range of solutions for the automation and telecontrol market.

We have a great deal of experience in automated vertical storage systems, including vertical lift modules with PLC controlled double-axis robots.

Our systems ensure optimized goods handling and product storage, based on different parameters, including time of storage, weight, and shelf life.

They also allow real-time detection of stock location and features, keeping track of incoming and outgoing products and optimizing performance and working times.

Our control systems interface with barcode readers and display any free cells, provide stock level views and printouts, allow creation and printing of delivery notes and reports.

Touchscreen monitors and a simplified interface improve warehouse usability and handling, reducing operating and general management costs.

Softech can also provide highly flexible and customizable building automation solutions, based on customer requirements. Softech’s solutions ensure energy efficiency and building safety for residential, service and factory structures.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the energy management of HVAC systems, as well as for building protection, access control, burglar alarm services, automation and fire protection systems.

Our systems provide centralized management and distributed monitoring using a common user interface for control room workstations, Web clients and smartphone/tablet.

We also provide systems on Linux embedded platforms for the acquisition of signals from weather sensors and fuel level sensors.


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