motorway radio control room management.

Vega is Softech system for integrated, centralized management of Motorway Radio Control Rooms. A modular, scalable suite, Vega integrates specific applications with different situations and customer requirements in the management of road systems, traffic update broadcasts and road emergency services. Its Web-based architecture is scalable and can interface with most third party equipment and systems.

For Intermodal Data Interchange, VEGA is provided jointly with the DATEX Node of which we are developers.

The result is an information system that allows data and traffic information to be conveyed and managed independently of the language and presentation format; this means that there is no room for misunderstandings and translation errors on the part of the recipient.

Vega’s main modules are:


GECO keeps track of all events, sorted by freely configurable types, and allows to organize them in situations, which is, in collections of correlated events along an extended timeline.

GECO provides the following features:

  • Emergency management, including road accidents, traffic jams, and weather conditions
  • Collection of vehicle and medical emergency calls from SOS boxes and other devices
  • Dispatch of First Aid and medical services
  • Dispatch of roadside assistance and towing services, based on distance and travel time
  • Managing traffic information broadcasts, including variable message displays, based on event geolocation
  • Automatic data exchange with Internet Websites and other entities using the DATEX standard
  • Managing technical support services in parking areas, service stations and toll houses
  • Collecting and processing traffic data through roadside sensors
  • Coordinating and monitoring open and planned roadworks
  • Calculating travel times
  • Viewing motorway staff rosters and service schedules
  • Satellite tracking and management of roadside assistance vehicles and winter equipment
  • Weather forecasts and weather conditions monitoring (air pressure, temperature, humidity, road surface status)

Motorway events are recorded and evaluated for later processing, to produce event accounts and statistical reports. For each event, GECO keeps track of each phase and identifies those who added and edited it.

Reports are generated in standard PDF format to simplify interaction with users and other entities.

GECO is managed through automated processes, greatly simplifying the operator’s job. For example, the variable message display app allows displaying individual messages and information campaigns one by one. It also provides priority settings and multi-lingual translations.


ARGO displays system events on maps, to allow monitoring of individual activities, as well as the status of the motorway network. Its highly intuitive and customizable interface provides real time access to data and events (traffic levels and jams, accidents, variable message displays), arranged in well-organized topical views. ARGO displays critical data on the one screen, so as to provide a synthetic view of traffic events, weather conditions, emergency vehicles and any other events for a given location. Operators have the option to view each type of information in full or in part.


PRIME is Vega’s mobile version, which emergency operators access from their tablets to compile reports on traffic accidents and roadside assistance calls. It allows to take photographs, annotate events and keep up-to-date on their progress, while sending data to the radio control room in real time. A back-office system allows to check and store the required data for compiling and submitting the generated reports to Traffic Authorities and other interested parties.


WALLY is a video-wall management system, allowing to handle each of the videocameras installed along the motorway network.

Vega was born in over 30 years of Softech working with major motorway operators, including Autostrada del Brennero, Autovie Venete, Autostrade Centro Padane, Autostrada Brescia-Padova, Autostrade Torino-Piacenza, Milano-Torino, as well as with major service, equipment and instrumentation providers.


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