Traffic Monitoring

Vehicle counting and classification

Traffic monitoring terminal with inductive loop sensors, allows the simultaneous detection of up to 8 lanes.

The data is collected and processed continuously or at set intervals and then they be analyzed in real-time or historical mode.

The use of inductive loops reduces costs and minimizes inaccuracies in detections.


Detectable Info

  • Vehicle counting
  • Recognition of more than 10 vehicle classes
  • Direction detection
  • Speed detection
  • Distance / progress in each lane

Software interface

The data management software has an easy-to-use, intuitive and customizable web interface.

  • Transit details
  • Ground waveforms detected by coils
  • Hourly distribution
  • Data analysis based on vehicle class and / or direction of travel
  • Analysis of scatter plots
  • Class and lane configuration
  • Management of loop parameters
  • Log

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