SARA IoT: Make your Airport a SMART Airport!

Our environmental monitoring system grows and further enriches its functionality thanks to a new product: SARA IoT.

Designed to allow  a  full and intelligent management  of the airport environment, SARA IoT is based on the LoRaWAN technology that allows efficient monitoring, low costs and energy consumption, and requires few maintenance interventions.

Why Smart ?

Because a single platform enable:

  • Indoor and / or outdoor environmental monitoring (noise, air quality, temperature, humidity, lighting, etc.)
  • Smart Lighting (status of lights, dimmer control)
  • Waste Management (Monitoring the filling of the baskets, organizing the collection)
  • Flow measurement (in real-time)
  • Smart Trackers (geo-location and tracking of moving objects)
  • Smart Metering (electricity consumption, fluid control, etc.)
  • Smart Parking (parking availability)
  • Smart Security (monitoring of gates, gates, doors, etc.)

The system is accessible via web or APP and data management can be performed in real-time; it can be integrated into SARA and compatible with third-party systems.

Among the options, it is possible to set an “alarm” system via SMS or e-mail.

Click on the link below and download the brochure, or contact us for more information


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