DATEX: Softech starts a new collaboration with the Port of Trieste!

As part of the “URSA MAJOR NEO” project (UMneo), the collaboration between Softech and the Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea is born; the purpose is to create interoperability between the DATEX II system and the Sinfomar PCS and to optimize the management of information regarding the road flow to the Port of Trieste.


The UMneo project focuses on the implementation of ITS services to improve freight traffic on the TEN-T road network along the CEF RHINE-ALPINE and SCANDINAVIAN-MEDITERRANEAN core network corridors, connecting the ports of the North Sea, the Rhine and the Ruhr , the metropolitan areas of southern Germany and northern Italy and the ports of the Mediterranean up to Sicily.

Parts of the core network corridor of the CEF RHINE-DANUBE are routed in the center of Europe due to important freight traffic routes that connect these corridors.

The improvement of services for international freight traffic along the aforementioned corridors is the main added value at European level by UMneo.

This is an important project co-financed by the European Connecting Europe Facility (CEF, also known by the corresponding name in Italian “connecting Europe mechanism”) provides financial assistance to trans-European networks in order to support infrastructure projects of common interest in the transport, energy and telecommunications sectors and to exploit the potential synergies between these sectors.

CEF promotes the implementation of projects of common interest for the development, construction or adaptation of new transport, energy and communication services and infrastructures, giving priority to missing links, to projects with European added value and significant advantages for the companies and that do not receive adequate funding from the market.

The collaboration provides for the supply of the DATEX node for displaying events, variable message panels and CCTV images, and a cartographic system for displaying events on the web. Interoperability with the DATEX II standard will make it possible to have traffic data in a structured and standardized way to improve the management of traffic flows connected to the Port of Trieste.

With the installation of the system, therefore, a significant increase in efficiency is expected, largely linked to integration through an international protocol, the system’s real added value.

With the Port of Trieste, one of the most important logistics hubs in Italy, the number of DATEX Nodes installed by Softech on the italian territory rises to 6, all at relevant organizations for national and international mobility.



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